Our chiropractic care can relieve pain, improve function, promote longevity and help you get more out of life!

Repair and protect your spine and nervous system by getting adjusted, strengthening your body, and learning how to think, eat, and move well.


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Chiropractic is the science of natural health care and pain relief accomplished by removing nerve interference with physical adjustments of the soft tissue and bones of the spine. Maintaining a free-flowing nervous system results in improved range of motion and optimal function in all tissues and organs. Back and neck pain, headaches, hypertension, asthma, infant colic, and immune function are just a few of the areas in which chiropractic has been shown benefits. Every living cell of the human body relies on coordination with the brain via the nervous system to function. Chiropractic promotes normal function down to the cellular level by removing nerve interference and allowing the body to heal itself. Learn more here!


Dr. Brown received doctorate training at the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and adjusting protocols for modern chiropractic, and specializes in incredibly safe, effective, and research supported adjusting techniques as best suited to the body and need of the individual. Before your first adjustment, knowledge of the problem will be attained via a thorough exam with careful digital radiographic analysis to inform a specific plan for correction through a series of adjustments and additional rehabilitative therapy or exercises as needed.


Stay aligned

At Brown Family Chiropractic, we provide education and training in core muscle activation, postural exercises, and mindfulness to promote a healthy body, mind, and life. Maintaining a healthy spine prevents degeneration, pain, and time and money lost while maximizing your ability to enjoy life and pursue your passion and purpose without limitation.

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Feed the machine

Natural, whole food nutrition in the right amounts is essential for health. We have everything you need to get on track, from tips and protocols for general health to specific dietary advice and the worlds purest all natural whole food supplements by Standard Process Nutrition.


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