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Chiropractic for body & brain health
Vertebral subluxations and back pain
Spinal nerves innervate every cell
Nerves transmit life in the body

When your brain and body are able to communicate perfectly, health and function follow. Our bodies are of such incredible design, that we are able to produce everything needed to grow, heal, and adapt to any environment if we have basic nutritional building blocks, a sound mind, and a clear and fully functioning nervous system to relay information to and from the brain.

Every living cell, tissue, and organ depends on directions from the brain for daily function. Without dependable input from the brain, cells function erroneously and die which can result in tissue, organ, and organism dysfunction and death.

For example, your large intestine depends on nerve impulses, or action potentials from the brain to stimulate the gut neurology for appropriate digestion. The nerves that supply your gut travel down your spinal cord and exit from your spine in the low back. If your low back has a misaligned vertebral bone, messages may not get through due to subluxation, or nerve interference, and cells may fail to resorb water and nutrients appropriately. Over time, symptoms like diarrhea or constipation may develop, and if left untreated, may progress into more serious chronic disease processes.

Chiropractic is the science of analyzing your musculoskeletal and nervous system's health and function, identifying problem areas of subluxation, and reducing and removing any nerve interference to allow your body to heal, grow, and adapt naturally as it was designed to do.


Chiropractic never uses drugs or surgery, but only methods of correcting spinal and extremity alignment with safe and specific physical force to replace bones to their proper position and allow nerves to run their natural course through your spine and tissues out from, and back to the brain.

If you've never been checked by a chiropractor, there is no better time than right now! 

Why choose Chiropractic? 

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